This is what we do and we love every second of it.

Great food should be enjoyed in a great atmosphere

Tucked away in the historic village of Qormi, Fredy’s Diner combines the best of U.S. food with the laid-back, friendly village attitude that distinguishes the Maltese way of living.

We love food and people, and there’s no better way to marry the two than serving the food we love making, on our own terms, in a homely, welcoming location.

At Fredy’s Diner we take food very seriously. How seriously? You be the judge!

Anytime you pop over to our diner, you’ll find the family preparing some of the best American food you’ll find this side of the Atlantic, with plenty of Malta infused into it.

You could say we’re a bunch of food-obsessed, perfection-driven humans and you won’t be too far off the mark.

All good stories start off with an unwary hero, going about with his business in a quiet, unassuming fashion. In this case, the hero is our late father, Fredy.

The Family

Fredy’s Diner has been in the pipeline for a long time. We named the restaurant in honour of our late father, Fredu, whom our mum always used to call ‘Fredy’.

Mum’s part of the team behind Fredy’s Diner as well and she can still teach us a trick or two in the kitchen. You’ll meet her scurrying about on the restaurant floor, making sure that everyone is well fed and satisfied.

This is a family affair; Chris runs the kitchen, Gordon gives a much needed helping hand, Graziella tends to customers and mum keeps us all on our toes.

The Chef

“I trained as a chef and for a long time, my natural habitat was the kitchens of glitzy 5-star hotels, surrounded by high-tech cooking equipment and posh, pretentious food.

I have always been a rebel at heart, so inevitably the time came when I decided to hang up my whites, roll up my sleeves and start making food the way I always knew it ought to be done, from scratch and from the heart.

Fresh, wholesome ingredients; tasty American food and genuine Maltese hospitality. That’s the recipe I had in mind before I went rogue and decided to give the market something it wasn’t expecting.”

A place where everybody can feel at home